Webinar: Mobile Money, with Crown Agents Bank and World Vision International, 30 July 2020

Published // 24th July 2020

2019 was the year that the number of registered mobile money accounts topped 1 billion globally and daily transactions averaged close to $2 billion. 1.7 billion people in the world remain financially excluded but the collective strength of the mobile industry is serving to ensure that everyone can be part of the digital economy going forward.

In the case of Sub-Saharan Africa, there were 469 million mobile money accounts at the end of 2019 (up 11.9% YoY), 23.8 billion transactions (+19.7%), $457 billion transaction value (+27.5%) supported by 7.7 million mobile money agents. Whilst mobile money is accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and a number of humanitarian organisations are delivering cash assistance via mobile money accounts, there is still uncertainty amongst the development community on how best to engage with mobile money industry participants. Covid-19 has added to the need for smart solutions.

Crown Agents Bank (‘CAB’) is organising a webinar that will address a number of these development community concerns and CAB’s CEO, Albert Maasland will be joined in a panel discussion by Michael Faye who co-founded Give Directly, an award winning NGO operation, also Tap Tap Send, a Remittance company plus Segovia Technology, the latter being acquired by the CAB group in 2019. World Vision International has agreed to moderate the webinar and will be represented by Stephen Chiu, Director within Global Treasury.

The webinar will take place on 30 July, 15:00 BST. 

Click here to view the event flyer for further information.


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