FinTech Futures sits down with Steven Marshall, CCO of Crown Agents Bank at Finovate Europe

Published // 23rd March 2020

Crown Agents Bank’s CCO, Steven Marshall, sat down with FinTech Futures at Finovate Europe 2020 in Berlin to discuss highlights from the event, trends in financial services and banking, the Bank’s acquisition of Segovia, and what to expect from Crown Agents Bank in the future.

Discussing the main trends in both the financial and banking sector seen during the past year – and indeed in the past decade –  Steven told Fintech Futures that fintech will remain a key headline thanks to the growing application and adaption of technologies, as well as its role in facilitating frictionless cross-border payments, enabling players to transact with a level of ease more characteristic of domestic payments.

Touching on the Bank’s acquisition of US venture-backed payments software provider, Segovia, Steven noted that a prominent factor contributing to the acquisition was the alignment in overarching objectives. Crown Agents Bank and Segovia are both unwaveringly committed to removing friction and reducing the cost of payments into emerging markets, so the partnership between the two was a natural fit.

When asked how Crown Agents Bank could stay relevant for its customers, Steven highlighted the significance of the Segovia acquisition in advancing the digital capabilities of the Bank, but said that it really comes down to having a client-centric approach: listening to customers and building the business around their needs is essential, because ultimately the client knows best.

Watch the interview, here:

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