Crown Agents Bank Appoints David Bee as new Head of Global Markets

Published // 27th April 2018

Crown Agents Bank has appointed David Bee in the newly created role as Head of Global Markets. David will join the Bank’s Executive Committee. Bee brings 30 years of financial markets knowledge and a wide range of experience in emerging and frontier markets. Bee joins from Lloyds Banking Group, where he served as Head of Offshore Financial Markets & Institutional FX Sales. He has previously held senior positions at country and global levels at Citi, Deutsche Bank, and Standard Chartered, which included the successful rollout of e-markets to client bases around the world.

David will lead the Markets team as they continue to expand the bank’s network of Central Bank, Official Institution, Commercial Bank, and selected NGO and Non-bank financial Institution clients across OECD markets and across Africa, the Caribbean, and selected other developing nations.

”As a recognised specialist in delivering Emerging Market and especially frontier FX currencies, the further expansion and deepening of our network of clients, counterparties and delivery capabilities is core to our growth strategy,” explained Albert Maasland, CEO of the Bank.

“I’m keen to see Crown Agents Bank becoming the partner of choice, delivering ethical and responsible best-in-class expertise,” says Bee. “Working across such diverse countries and regions, we are focused on continuously improving access to, and enhanced pricing for, a wide range of emerging market currencies. At the same time, we are committed to expanding access to global markets for our commercial and central bank clients across our focus markets through the use of technology and development of greater connectivity within and across borders. Our traditional focus on regulatory oversight, capacity building, and attention to client needs – overlayed with our new focus on cutting-edge technology – will help ensure we become the first port of call for cross border payments into our focus markets.”

Having recently launched its online FX trading platform, EMpowerFX, and onboarded trade finance fintech platform CCRManager and cross-asset portal 360T, Crown Agents Bank is focused on becoming a fully digital transaction bank for emerging markets.

Maasland says: “Thanks to a lot of hard work over the past year, we have been able to put in place state-of-the-art technology that allows us to offer currencies and FX payments in and out of a range of frontier and emerging markets quickly and efficiently. And now we have David’s expertise and market insights, which will allow us to grow that business.”

Bee adds: “It’s exciting to be working for a bank with almost two centuries of history, with extensive access and a trust factor in markets that often have few, if any, international bank service providers. The bank is now growing very rapidly with an enhanced infrastructure, expertise and relationships, and is continuing to upscale. Most of all, I look forward to working with the team and partnering with colleagues across the bank as we strive to reach our full potential.”

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